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Current Reports... from Sources We Respect

Reports, documents and internet links to some of the most timely and concise real estate market reports.


We know the advantage of having access to up-to-date resources and valuable information in a highly competitive and ever-changing real estate climate. (We don’t always agree with the reports posted, but we respect the viewpoint and source).


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        Monday Morning Outlook - May 22, 2023 - First Trust 

           Alexander Green - May 1, 2023 - The Oxford Club


         Joel Litman, chief investment strategist -  February 2023 - Altimetry

         Alexander Green - September 2022 - The Oxford Club

        Alexander Green - August 2022 - The Oxford Club

       Gregg Logan, Managing Directors & Karl Pischke, Principal - July 18, 2022 - RCLCO The Advisory 

        Alexander Green - July 2022 - The Oxford Club

​​        Mid Sentiment Survey - June 2022 - RCLCO The Advisory

  • "Are woke political agendas discrediting science and losing public health?"

        The Death of Science - Victor Hanson Davis, Tribune Content Agency - October 2021

        War of the Woke - Bill Bonner, Rogue Economics - September 2021


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