Superior Sales
We realize that “Nothing happens until a sale is made!” While everyone realizes that cost cutting creates savings it's only when sales increase that a project can be nursed back to health. We bring our experience of delivering volume real estate sales together with Legendary Golf Marketing's aggressive sales systems, strategies and training programs to provide the solid foundation of lead generation and sales experience needed to deliver fast results!


  • Training order takers to become professional sales executives

  • Building new sales teams to replace under performing or failed efforts

  • Creating new products in real estate inventory, membership, amenities and use value to stimulate sales

  • Creating new affiliate relationships or rebuilding those that have been damaged or destroyed, to jump-start the 
    sales process again

  • Establishing sales procedures and on going sales training to maximize performance across the board

  • Making qualified prospects easier to meet

  • Getting the story in front of everyone – 90% not interested; 7% not thinking about it but may be interested; 
    3% current prospects

  • Establishing the Team as the Experts

  • Establishing credibility

  • Presenting educational and informative facts

  • Pre-empting competition

  • Creating “brand” loyalty

  • Delivering information of value

  • Creating a sense of partnership

  • Establishing a step by step, error proof sales process

  • Delivering the information the Client needs to know to embark on the first step of the process


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